Why You Need to Attend Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach

Celebrate Cayman Kitefest on Easter Monday April 22nd 1pm -4pm

For one day out of the year, the entire sky above Kaibo Beach is filled with color. Brilliant shades of the rainbow fly through the sky during the Kaibo Kitefest. If you’re lucky enough to be in Grand Cayman during Easter, make sure you make it over to Cayman Kai for Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach.

About the Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach

Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach is one of the many ways the islands celebrate their unique culture. This custom goes back many years as a way to welcome summer into the Caribbean. During the summer, wind is more suitable for kite-flying. As homage to this tradition, locals and visitors gather on Kaibo Beach to fly their kites for both fun and a chance to win prizes.

All proceeds from sales of kites and raffle tickets will be used to support ARK’s “Mentor-Educate-Reinforce” program, which is helping struggling children to succeed in school and in their lives.

Getting to Kaibo Beach in Cayman Kai

On the day of the Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach, a ferry is docked at Camana Bay waiting for visitors to come to Cayman Kai. The ferry usually leaves at 12 noon, but make sure to check the exact time and fees with Cayman Ferries. There is no admission to go to this festival, but there is a $5 donation to the local charity Cayman’s ARK if you would like to participate in the contest!

Kaibo Kitefest Prizes

If you would like to win a prize at the Kaibo Kitefest, all you have to do is pay $5 to enter the draw. All entry proceeds go to Cayman’s ARK charity, who have a visible booth at the event. The winners will be drawn at random at 4pm.

The grand prize for the Cayman KiteFest raffle will be 1x pass to KAABOO Cayman 2020, generously donated by KAABOO Cayman. Be the first to hear when they announce the 2020 lineup – we certainly can’t wait!

Other prizes include:

  • 1x pass to KAABOO Cayman 2020
  • Digicel – 2x Alcatel phones with sim cards & $10 credit
  • Living.ky – $150 gift card
  • Funky Monkey – 2x $25 gift cards
  • Fosters – 2x $100 gift cards to use in Fosters grocery, Priced Right, and Bay Market
  • Rock Iguanas – $165 cave rappel and climb gift certificate in Cayman Brac
  • OMGi Essentials -Reusable Canvas Tote + Goodies
  • Goodness – gift certificate + Conscious Steps Socks
  • SquirrellyStudio – Cayman Coordinates Sign
  • Book Nook- $25 gift certificate
  • Smoothie Factory – 3x $10 gift cards
  • Synergy – 60 min massage gift card
  • The Lodge/Peripheral – gift card and sunglasses
  • Cost-U-Less- $75 gift card
  • It’s Your Party – gift card for a bouncy castle
  • Oasis AquaPark – 2x kids hourly pass
  • Tweenage Dreams – $50 gift card

Other Activities at the Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach

Not only is there kite flying at Cayman Kitefest at Kaibo Beach, there are tons of other activities to fill your day. Enjoy free live music by a local band as you sip on a cocktail. Dark and Stormy is the preferred drink of this festival. Kayaks and paddle boards are also available to rent through The Sweetspot watersports.

Get Social!

Cayman Kitefest is a wonderful way to unplug and reconnect with family and friends. After you return home happy and weary, post some of your memories online, and please be sure to tag us @kaibobeach and use the hashtag #caymankitefest 

  ​Cayman’s ARK is a non-profit volunteer-run organization, founded in 2006, that helps people in Cayman by demonstrating kindness through loving acts of service.  How Cayman’s ARK has changed lives.