The Rare Rum SupperClub is an exclusive members-only lifestyle club. 
Life is  simply too glorious not to experience rare rum and fine wine.

The Supperclub is a rather fabulous refuge for all free-thinking individuals

who wish to foster a more creative and unusual pastime.


Dear Aficionado of the Rarer Rum,
We are presently immersed in planning the next finer phenomenon:

Potions of the Caribbean 

Friday 10th September 7pm

Tasting menu with paired craft cocktails, rare rum and fine wines.


CI$ 65 per person for 5-course menu

plus $70 for 5 paired drinks

15% gratuity additional.


Water taxi is available from Camana Bay 6pm,

please indicate with booking if you require a seat on the voyage..

A wondrous occasion, where eccentric enthusiasts confabulate, at a faraway locale, on a lesser-known island, at the heart of the rum-making world of the Caribbean ….. we welcome you to Kaibo Upstairs.


Upstairs at Kaibo’s

Rare Rum SupperClub presents

Potions of the Caribbean  

Friday 10th September 7pm
Dear Rum-connoisseur, 
This is your chance to co-mingle with fellow minds amongst Cayman’s finest selection of Rare Rum. Receive an education on the finest of rums, with your tasting menu of rum craft cocktails, fine wines and locally sourced dishes, served on the acclaimed Upstairs sea-view verandah.

6pm, depart Camana Bay on the ferry service.


6.30pm, a warm greeting Upstairs, a chance to mingle
with rare rum cocktail and passing canapés.


7 pm, sit for dinner


After dinner cigars and selections from the Rare Rum Cart are additional.


10.15 pm, with your new found knowledge of fine rum, and with your inner glow, catch the last ferry home.



5 course dinner – $65 
5 paired drinks – $70
After dinner rare rum cart and cigars – additional

Potions of the Caribbean

The tropical rum drink craze was Americas longest drink fad, and the only cocktail trend to spawn a lifestyle trend. Before Tiki, the lifestyle was called “Backyard Polynesia” and the drinks that fuelled the craze “exotics.” By any name, they were new twists on the old Caribbean trinity of rum, lime and sugar. The easy-to-remember Caribbean rhyme has always helped with the measures:

“One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak”

Let’s break that down: Historically, the sour agent is lime juice; As for sweet, it’s likely that early iterations used fresh-pressed sugarcane juice. The third element should be self-explanatory, but just in case: 3 parts rum (that’s rare rum, please). And finally, “weak” traditionally meant water, although 4 parts of soda, fruit juice, tea or seltzer works just as well. You’ve got it, right?!


Seafood and coconut fritter with curry mayonnaise

Caribe Welcome (Caribe Hilton recipe 1954)

Puerto Rican Rum, Apricot Brandy, Fresh Coconut Water, Coconut Cream, Lime Juice

Smoked wahoo pâté with dill, local cucumber and toasted sourdough

Island of Martinique Cocktail (Don The Beachcomber, 1948)

Clement Rhum, Falernum, Don’s Honey, Key Lime Juice

Baked mahi mahi with lobster and coconut crust, lemongrass cream and coconut rice

Hugel, Pinot Gris, Alsace, France

Jerk pork belly with local pumpkin and summer greens

Seghesio, Old Vines Zinfandel, Sonoma County, USA

Dark chocolate tart with honeycomb, coffee and muscovado ice cream

Ron Zacapa 23, Guatemala


(menu is subject to change due to supplier availability and will be updated near the event date.)




In praise of #RareRumSupperClub:

“What an amazing ‘Rare Rum Dinner’! It was flawless – great food, drink and good times! Looking forward to the next one already? Thanks to everyone Upstairs for a great night!”

M.R., Real Life magazine.

“Last Friday evening Rum Dinner – AMAZING! Thank you – first class food, beautiful setting and spectacular rums!”

J.U., Pinnacle Media

“I have to be completely candid and say tonight  was hands-down the best meal we have had on island since we’ve been here. We told all the staff too. Outstanding.”

C.K., London.

“The best meal we have ever had in the Cayman Islands.”

B.E, Grand Cayman