Supper Club

Life is simply too glorious not to experience rare rum and fine wine. The Supperclub is a rather fabulous refuge for all free-thinking individuals who wish to foster a more creative and unusual pastime.
A wondrous occasion, where eccentric enthusiasts confabulate, at a faraway locale, on a lesser-known island, at the heart of the rum-making world of the Caribbean ….. we welcome you to Kaibo Upstairs.

Membership of the RareRumSupperClub is by invitation only.

To submit your application please contact

In praise of #RareRumSupperClub:

“What an amazing ‘Rare Rum Dinner’! It was flawless – great food, drink and good times! Looking forward to the next one already? Thanks to everyone Upstairs for a great night!”

M.R., Real Life magazine.

“Last Friday evening Rum Dinner – AMAZING! Thank you – first class food, beautiful setting and spectacular rums!”

J.U., Pinnacle Media

Upcoming Rare Rum Supperclub:

Dear Aficionado of the Rarer Rum,We are presently immersed in planning the next finer phenomenon: A showcase of plantation rums, featuring a tour of the Caribbean, then dipping our toes into European history for a French twist. One of the “once-in-a-lifetime” cocktails we’ll be mixing for the evening will be a Jamaican-smoked Manhattan, where our bar team will be smoking the ice for a unique flavor.6  inspired courses,
artisan cocktails, rare rums and fine wines

tastings, musings, infusings
and a perambulation through time.

You are one of a limited few to receive this invitation prior to the notification of the general public. Please book early and  join us to explore the unusual world of the Rare Rum SupperClub.

Upstairs restaurant and Rare Rum Bar, Kaibo
Saturday, 26th May 2018
6.30pm for seating at 7pm 

Price $130 per person plus gratuities.

Strictly limited. Reservations only.

…Chop! Chop!

The Menu.
1.    The Delightfully Welcoming Cocktail 
Reverend Stiggins Pineapple Daiquiri
Amuse bouche
Creamed salt cod, lemon caper jam and plantain chips

2.    Cocktail #2
Barbados Fizz
Crab and local mango salad
with mint and yoghurt dressing

3.    Cocktail #3
Jamaican Smoked Manhattan
Chicken liver pate
with naseberry tart and pineapple glaze

4.   The White Course
Domaine De Pallus, Chinon, Les Peenses de pallus,
2014 Cabernet Franc, Loire Valley, France
Shrimp and coconut crusted grouper
with sea lettuce and lemon grass veloute

5.   The Red Course
Domaine De Coin, Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie,
2015 Loire Valley, France
Roast Angus tenderloin with whipped cornmeal,
callaloo and jerked oxtail croquette.

6.    The Tasting Pair
Plantation 20th Anniversary rum
Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac
Chocolate and coconut dacquoise with vanilla ice cream

$130  plus gratuities.

We think savvy travellers would agree, appreciation of a plantation house increases with more rum of the same name. Bring your thirst for rarer libations, and we’ll ensure an evening of historical relevance.

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water taxi from Camana Bay 6pm
Please contact Cayman Ferries directly.