Our Sustainability Story

Our Sustainability Story

We wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a destination restaurant, and commit to safeguarding it as best we can, a responsibility that we believe we all share, and can always improve upon.

Kaibo is more than a destination with three restaurants, – it’s a space to escape to, a community to belong to, and a platform for change.”


Daniel and Claire Petts.

Active Owners, Caymanians, Family-minded employers, since 2006.


Kaibo’s actions for Responsibility and Sustainability


Our unique geographic location could not be more idyllic. But our community needs support, and even Paradise needs protecting!


Kaibo believes we each have a responsibility to play a part in reducing waste and connecting people.


We support the following local charities:

One Dog at a Time

National Gallery of the Cayman islands

Cayman Islands Cancer Society (CICS)

North Side Residential Home

The Family Life Centre

Girl Guides of the Cayman  Islands

Cayman’s A.R.K.


We embrace sustainability in the following ways:

The water in all our bathrooms and washing facilities is rain water from our cistern.

We have taken the Plastic Free Pledge.

Our straws are all paper.

Our glassware and plate-ware is all reusable, never disposable.

Our to-go containers are all bio-degradable.

Our take out bags are all bio-degradable.

Our ice-cream tubs and spoons are bio-degradable.

We recycle with “Junk”

We return Caybrew bottles directly to the brewery.

We bottle and cap homemade kombucha in house with recycled glass bottles.

We don’t use aluminium cans.

We re-use coffee grounds, sea weed and coconut husks to fertilise the trees and plants in our gardens.

We make all dishes and sides from scratch to minimize packaging, (including mayonnaise and hot sauce!)

We buy all ingredients locally, and support Cayman’s farmers and suppliers.

We support local artists, from live musicians to the youth art program at the National Gallery.

We use solar powered air-conditioning units in three areas.

We offer complimentary car charging for all guests with electric cars.

Our marina has a light diffusing surface that helps algae growth on the sea bed.


Escape disconnection from our communities.

Escape damage to our environment.

Escape the ordinary.

Escape to Kaibo.