Micro Weddings


Small is beautiful. And when it comes to your big day, a micro wedding isn’t just a beautiful option, it’s a budget-flexible and intimate alternative to the traditional wedding.

Kaibo’s Wedding Beach is Cayman’s only private beach available for hire specifically for weddings. Entirely take over this stunning third of an acre sandy beach, with palm-tree lined aisle and wedding canopy at the water’s edge.

Not sure you love the sounds of anything micro when it comes to your wedding? Don’t be deterred by the term! While a micro wedding is smaller in terms of guest size, that doesn’t mean the celebration has to be any less spectacular.

What is a Micro wedding exactly?

A micro wedding is a unique celebration that combines the traditions of a full-blown wedding ceremony with a minimalist mentality. It’s intimate, beautiful, and often (but not always) budget-friendly. A micro wedding typically has about 10 to 15 guests.

Suppose you’re someone who likes to honor traditions but is more comfortable with a bare-bones celebration than all the pomp and circumstance. In that case, a micro wedding may just the right fit for you.

Micro Wedding vs. Minimony

Micro weddings are also similar to minimonies. The main difference, though, is that a minimony is a mini ceremony, with the intention of a larger wedding celebration later. A micro wedding is a one-and-done event.

Minimonies became a go-to choice for countless couples during the COVID-19 outbreak. The global pandemic flipped wedding plans upside down. Minimonies allowed couples to still get married at their original, planned date while pushing back the larger bash for a safer time.

A minimony is a “commitment ceremony” with typically less than 20 guests. The follow-up to the minimony is the full ceremony and reception, with a larger number of friends and family.

How Much does a Micro wedding cost?

Your micro wedding budget totally depends on you! For some couples, this is the chance to throw a stellar celebration on a tighter budget. The costs for a budget-friendly micro wedding tend to range from as low as $3,000 to $10,000. That’s significantly less than the traditional ceremony and reception, which is estimated to be more than $30,000 on average.

However, for some couples, a micro wedding is a chance to really maximize their dollars-per-guest rate. That means focusing and investing in the details of your wedding, and treating your guests like royalty.


  • Use of Kaibo’s pristine private wedding beach and wedding canopy (price dependent on date) complimentary chilled bottle of Bollinger Champagne.
  • Menu options are limited to dishes available a la carte at Kaibo Beach restaurant or Upstairs at Kaibo (during open times)
  • Weekend weddings incur an additional $1,500 fee.
  • 18% service charge fee applied.


  • Kaibo can provide seating for additional fee. Guests may provide own ceremony chairs/ wedding decor etc.
  • Pre-ordered events canapes are additional.
  • VIP day beds with oversize cushions $50 each
  • Cakage fee $50. Have your cake delivered in advance. Kaibo does not supply cakes and a cutting fee is applied.
  • Décor clearing services $200. Guests are responsible for the setting up and clearing of the wedding beach. e.g. stacking chairs and arranging to be onsite for collection of decorations.
  • Free bottle of champagne for Minimony couple who book their larger wedding for 50+ guests at Kaibo at a later date.* Champagne is received at larger wedding date.


A micro wedding or minimony dinner is limited to 20 guest max.

Meal served under thatched VIP beach cabana or a long table on review verandah Upstairs.

No outside food or drink permitted (with exception of a wedding cake)

Food items to be preordered from the menu for groups over 10ppl.

Music is restricted to private wedding beach only (volume restrictions until 9pm)

Collection of chairs/decor/decorations by agreed time avoids late fee and decor clearing service fee.

A micro wedding does not give exclusivity to any part of the Kaibo property