Estrella’s Del Mar March 31st Vegetarian Menu

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Wood oven flatbread , Homemade veg chips

Hearts of palm ceviche with pink grapefruit, fennel and dill

Callaloo fritters with mango jam and jalapenos

Whipped goats cheese with spring beets and local spinach

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Baked local eggplant with creamed pumpkin, seasoning peppers and spring greens

Grilled cauliflower with chickpea, roast corn, jalapeno and cilantro

Wood roast pumpkin with tahini yogurt, local arugula and pumpkin seed pesto

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White chocolate mousse with sticky brownie and toasted almonds

Salted caramel fondue with cinnamon sugared doughnuts

Pineapple carpaccio with lime and mint

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Jerk local eggplant with sweet potato, sage and onion

Grilled cauliflower with curried couscous, raisins and apple

Wood roasted zucchini with feta, oregano and local arugula


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Dark chocolate fondue with chili sugared doughnuts

Sticky banana bread with rum cream

Watermelon carpaccio with mint and lime

59 ci