Luna Del Mar July 15th Vegetarian Menu

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Homemade focaccia, Wood oven garlic flatbread

Beet salad with local arugula, truffle dressing and asiago

Callaloo fritters with mango jam and jalapeno

                     Whipped goats cheese with local tomatoes and pesto dressing

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Roast cauliflower with sweet potato, local greens, sage and onion

Grilled tofu with garlic aioli, white bean, roast crab and tomato ragout

Wood roast pumpkin with smoked paprika, local honey and seed granola

Sharing desserts


Whipped mascarpone with local mango, candied ginger and graham cracker crumble

Caramel fondue with cinnamon sugared doughnuts

pineapple carpaccio with lime and chili