Kaibo Espresso is Cayman’s number one beach cafe,

serving gourmet coffee and breakfasts

Open saturdays and sundays from 8am until 12pm.

Choose from a selection of fresh croissants, fresh fruit and breakfast panini.

See Espresso Breakfast Menu.

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Single Source Speciality Coffee

At Kaibo Espresso,

our main philosophy is about sourcing quality from the seed,

and bringing it to your cup on the beach.


Concordia, Colombia.


The beans come from the Garces farm, ‘Montes Y Colinas’, in Concordia, Colombia.


The green beans are then shipped to our roaster, ECR located in Downtown Miami.


The freshly tasted dark brown beans are then packed and shipped the same day to our Cayman Islands community.


Kaibo Espresso is an artisan company to the core. Sustainability and protection of our environment is important, so too are the communities that rely on the coffee plantations for their existence. We care passionately about these things and want to behave responsibly.

Our environment is crucial and it is important that we all do what we can, where we can. Re-usable cups, recyclable packaging and recycling our coffee grounds by using them as fertilizer are all helping to make us a little bit greener.


Like true craftspeople, everything is done by hand. From the baking of our fresh croissants, and locally grown banana muffins, to the way the coffee beans are bagged, in this way we can ensure the utmost quality.


Kaibo Espresso coffee is sourced from a Fair Trade Coffee farming family in Colombia.

Coffee beans are for sale in store in 8oz and 1lb bags.

Our Espresso Blend is comprised of three distinctively different beans, Washed Caturra (40%), WashedCatuai (40%) and Maragogype (20%) this blend pulls syrupy shots full of pure chocolate and caramel with a hint of vanilla followed with bright citrus notes of orange peel, key lime and grapefruit.

Kaibo Espresso, Grand Cayman


Our food-safe labels are supplied by FastPrint, a bespoke design and printing company specialising in custom stickers and labels.”