Supper Club

Life is simply too glorious not to experience rare rum and fine wine. The Supperclub is a rather fabulous refuge for all free-thinking individuals who wish to foster a more creative and unusual pastime. It is a wondrous occasion, where eccentric enthusiasts confabulate, at a faraway locale, on a lesser-known island, at the heart of the rum-making world of the Caribbean …welcome to Kaibo Upstairs.

Membership of the RareRumSupperClub is by invitation only.

To submit your application please contact

In praise of #RareRumSupperClub:

“What an amazing ‘Rare Rum Dinner’! It was flawless – great food, drink and good times! Looking forward to the next one already? Thanks to everyone Upstairs for a great night!”

M.R., Real Life magazine.

“Last Friday evening Rum Dinner – AMAZING! Thank you – first class food, beautiful setting and spectacular rums!”

J.U., Pinnacle Media